Contribution Process and Schedule Format

At Investment One Pension Managers, we are poised to making your contribution efforts as convenient as possible. To make contribution easy for you, we have designed a standard format for you to adopt when making pension remittance. Click to download schedule format.

Please note that whenever you make payment, all your contribution schedules should be sent to Investment One Pension Managers’ email; and to our Custodian’s email:

Below are the steps you need to take to ensure that your pension contribution is remitted properly:

Step 1

Prepare your contribution schedule using the standard format advised above.

Step 2

Cross check to ensure that both the total of your contribution for each employee the ground total on the schedule agree with the amount on the payment instrument.

Step 3

Walk into any Diamond Bank Branch and fill our customized bank deposit slip. You can also use the regular deposit slip where the customized ones are not available.

Please note that the following details should be filled on the deposit slip.

Bank Name: Diamond Bank Plc
Account Name: DPFC/Investment One Pensions Collection Account
Account Number: 0005741189
Branch: Any Branch of Diamond Bank Plc
Employer Name:
Period Covered:

Where the remittance is to be made via transfer or electronically, please remember to include the sort code as stated below:

Sort Code: 063150256

Kindly note that you need to state clearly the employer name, the depositor name and the period covered by the contribution on the deposit slip.


Please be warned that it is against our professional standard and work ethics to demand for or receive any form of gratification for any form of service rendered by any of our Staff, Agent or Organization.