Retirement Savings Account

Our Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is uniquely packaged to make compliance with the Pension Reform Act seamless. Opening an RSA account with us today gives you the opportunity to join our members tailored services. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be obtained from the National Pensions Commission and advised to you via SMS, E-mail Service and a Welcome letter will be delivered to your preferred mailing address. You will continue to receive online real time information on your account update.

Contributing to an RSA

For an employee: Simply forward your RSA PIN to your Human Resources department and inform them of the PFA you have chosen.

For an employer: You are required to remit all pension contributions (employer’s and employee’s deductions) to our Pension Fund Custodian not later than 7working days after the payment of salary. All contribution instruments (drafts, cheques, etc.) should be written in the name of DPFC/Investment One Pensions Collection Account as detailed below:

Custodian: Diamond PFC Limited
Account Name: DPFC/Investment One Pensions Collection Account
Account Number: 0005741189
Sort Code: 063150256
Bank: Any Branch of Diamond Bank Plc

Once contribution is made, a copy of the contribution schedule submitted at the bank should be sent to Investment One Pension Managers Limited for immediate credit of the staff accounts with us. All contribution schedules should be sent online to our dedicated e-mail address

T-Alert – Transaction Alert

This is an automated online real-time alert system that gives you information about contributions and remittances we received on your behalf.

Mobile App

You can view/monitor your account on your mobile device using our mobile application. Get the app.

Account Balances Via SMS

To get your current account balance via SMS messages, kindly text Bal PIN to 08097882690 using your registered phone number. E.g Bal PEN100400000000

Call Center

To resolve any issues regarding your account, please feel free to call our toll-free line (IONEPENSION) to speak with any of our call center representatives.


Please be warned that it is against our professional standard and work ethics to demand for or receive any form of gratification for any form of service rendered by any of our Staff, Agent or Organization.